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Yamaha TZ250

Yamaha "TZ250" specification statistics

Total length × full × total height 1,955mm×650 mm×1,163mm
Wheelbase 1,342mm
Road space 112mm
Semi- dry weight 102kg
Motive for action machine type Water cooling 2 strokes crank case reed valve
Cylinder several arrangements V type 2 cylinder
Total cubic displacement 249cm3
Inside diameter × distance 54.0mm×54.5mm
Compression ratio 7.1 - 7.7: 1
The highest output 68.4kW (93PS)/12,500r/min
Largest torque 53.9N ・ m (5.5kgf ・ m)/11,750r/min
Starting system Push-starting system
Lubricating system Mixture oil supply
Motor oil capacity 0.5L
Fuel tank capacity 23L
Carburetor type TMX χ 38×2
Ignition system C.D.I.
Primary reduction gear ratio/secondary reduction gear ratio 2.524 / 2.571
Clutch type Dry multiple plate coil springs
Transmission type Regular gearing type advance 6 step
Change gear ratio 1st gear 1.938 and 2nd gear 1.476 and 3rd gear 1.238
4th gear 1.091 5 fast 1.000 6 speeds 0.926
Frame type Diamond
Caster/trail 22°/82mm
Tire size (before/after) 120/60R17/165/55R17
Brake type (before/after) Hydraulic double disk/hydraulic disk
Suspension system (before/after) Telescopic/swing arm

Colin's 2002 TZ with tire warmers

TZ250 minus bodywork and wheels

TZ250 minus bodywork and wheels

TZ250 minus bodywork and wheels

Electronic shifter

Clipon and stearing head

Clutch cable

Clutch cable to engine adjuster

Engine in frame

Clutch lever

Instrument cluster

Oil plug and inspection


Cylinder and Powervalve

Cylinder and powervalve installed

Cylinder and head

Cylinder head

Gear cluster

Cassette gearcluster installation

Gearcluster installed

Shift drum

Front engine case

Clutch boss

Dry Clutch

Clutch plates

Clutch holding tool

Frame and engine

Ohlins shock

Shock bottom linkage

Rear wheel and sproket

Wheels installed

Colin's TZ250 without tank and fairing